Nite Guard Repellent Tape

NiteGuard Repellent Tape

Nite Guard Solar® has provided dusk to dawn protection for tens of thousands of people since 1997. However, we do realize that some customers are in need of a repellent product for DAYTIME problems…especially with nuisance birds…as well as extra persistent deer, coyote, and more. Many customers enjoy the round-the-clock protection of using our Nite Guard Repellent Tape along with our Nite Guard Solar®. Others use it as a stand-alone daytime predator repellent.

Our Nite Guard Repellent Tape:
Nite Guard Repellent Tape scares animals with light, motion, and noise. Our repellent tape is an extra-wide (2” wide), heavy duty, iridescent foil tape that works well to keep predators away. The tape produces a loud crackle noise when it blows in the breeze. It gives off multiple prisms of bright flashes due to the highly reflective, strong Mylar material we use that has holographic “bulls-eye” patterns throughout the entire tape…front and back. These product features set our repellent tape apart from others on the market. Ours is noisier, brighter, and lasts longer than ordinary flash tapes and repellent ribbons. It comes in 100’ rolls for ample protection.

Repellent Tape Uses:
Nite Guard Repellent Tape is designed to keep away daytime predators like hawks, birds, gulls, deer, geese, woodpeckers, coyote, and more. It is great around the home, farm, docks, garden, waterfront, boat lifts, and many other uses!

Repellent Tape Instructions:
It is generally recommended that you cut 5-6 strips about 30” long. Place the strips in the area where you are having daytime predator problems. Best results are usually found when placing repellent tape strips 6-7’ above the area you are trying to protect if you are using it for birds or hawks. Place Repellent Tape at eye level for ground predators, using shorter strips. Place at 20-25’ intervals around and within the area you are trying to protect. Ideas on how to hang the tape: take a piece of duct tape and wrap it around one of the ends of the ribbon. This will enforce the ribbon so it won’t rip. Next, you can simply poke a hole through with a piece of general purpose wire. Make a loop and hang on a tree branch or post. Twine and string are also useful to use after you have punched a hole in the ribbon.

Caution: Mylar is an electrical conductor. Contact with electrical wires or equipment may cause harm to operator. Do not use Mylar ribbon near or around power lines, electrical fences, pumps, generators, etc.